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Bringing:- We bring quality children’s books to you through the Bookwagon shop, school book fairs and popup events, to meet your individual and specific needs.

We bring authors and illustrators into schools, including practical support and book sales for these special events. We bring books to homes and schools that children, families and teachers love. We know our books.

Good books:- We select every book featured on our site; we read every book we sell. We leave no stone unturned to offer unique, new, challenging, spine-tingling, classic, exciting books for every age and interest, from every genre, from around the world, to our readers. Our books are good books.

To You:- We are available to meet, email or chat, online, or through our book fairs at schools and special events.

What’s a good book?

One that absorbs you. The writing is in your hearing. You feel the story sinking into your bloodstream. A good book changes you, it knows you, and is committed to you. You breathe it and smell it. You may laugh or cry– or both. Bookwagon brings good books to you.

We are experienced, specialist, quality booksellers. Welcome to Bookwagon!

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A favourite but not a favourite

Amongst the favourite books I do not really have is The Hueys in The New Jumper.  I have loved this title since it was first published. 'The New Jumper' has been read with many children in different venues over the years. Always, their first reaction is incredulity that in following Rupert's lead, Gillespie, and the other Hueys will extinguish individuality to be the same, all over again. In support of the Time's Up movement, female actors (actresses?) were encouraged to wear ...
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Reading Updates

Ice cream castles and feather canyons

There is nothing like sharing joy in a book you've read. I've had that at my book group on occasion. It's like being spread with warmed jam. Sometimes, upon completing a Bookwagon title, I  need Mr Bookwagon to read it too because I want to share it so desperately. Other times I'm grief-stricken because my experience of reading that book is complete. I felt that way when I'd finished reading Bicycling to the Moon. Even now, I have to stroke ...
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Hermiones rather than Pansy Parkinsons!*

Award season is upon us. As predicted, Frances McDormand won the 2018 Academy Award for Best Actress as bereaved mother, Mildred Hayes, in 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'. Mildred's angry grief, as played by Frances McDormand, is painfully palpable. You fear for her, and fear her, for as you watch, understanding that Mildred has lost everything and fears nothing. Gary Oldman, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor this year, offered that Winston Churchill was an 'intimidating character'. Yet, ...
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I’m Sorry I’ll Reread that Again

During one of our first Christmases Mr Bookwagon and I agreed to watch a film the other loved, that would be outside of our comfort zone. Mr Bookwagon was persuaded to watch the 1995 version of 'Persuasion', starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds. I watched 'The Searchers'. Mr Bookwagon has been watching 'The Searchers' religiously for many years. He can describe the lighting contrasts, how shadow has been used allegorically, how the story is a parable. I have watched 'The ...
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Under a Super Blue Blood Moon

From January:- The end of the first month of 2018 is portentous. A super blue blood moon, where a blue moon, total lunar eclipse and super moon, coincide, is due. The best places to observe this phenomenon are Hawaii, Alaska, eastern Russia, Australia, New Zealand or western North America. For me, I predict a  last minute run to cloudy disappointment. January has felt rather like a hibernation for Bookwagon. We have been unwell and overwhelmed with work. Now we are ...
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A Dose of Truth Aboard the Wagon

Remembered truths:- I remember incidents of my own learning to read experience. The sequence of graded books progressed by colour and with difficulty according to increasing reading fluency. I recall moving onto a grade that meant books with blue covers that included a variety of stories, articles and poems. SRA cards that were set as early morning comprehension activity. My school reading did not equate with 'reading'. 'Reading' was pawing through the school library selection, longing for more choices. There ...
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