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Bringing a good book to you

Bringing:- We bring quality children’s books to you through the Bookwagon shop, school book fairs and popup events, to meet your individual and specific needs.

We bring authors and illustrators into schools, including practical support and book sales for these special events. We bring books to homes and schools that children, families and teachers love. We know our books.

Good books:- We select every book featured on our site; we read every book we sell. We leave no stone unturned to offer unique, new, challenging, spine-tingling, classic, exciting books for every age and interest, from every genre, from around the world, to our readers. Our books are good books.

To You:- We are available to meet, email or chat, online, or through our book fairs at schools and special events.

What’s a good book?

One that absorbs you. The writing is in your hearing. You feel the story sinking into your bloodstream. A good book changes you, it knows you, and is committed to you. You breathe it and smell it. You may laugh or cry– or both. Bookwagon brings good books to you.

We are experienced, specialist, quality booksellers. Welcome to Bookwagon!

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Bookwagon latest

The Flame and the Flicker

We attended the National Theatre's acclaimed new production of 'Network' this week. This was originally a screenplay by Paddy Chayefsky, drawing inspiration from the Watergate crisis. It is a painstakingly considered attack on the exploitation and corruption of American values. Celebrated playwright Lee Hall ('Billy Elliot', 'The Pitmen Painters') updated the script for a new generation. He reports, 'keyhole surgery' only, was required. The 1970's setting seemed 'more current now' since the 'rise of Trump and all the stuff about ...
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Reading Updates

A Dose of Truth Aboard the Wagon

Remembered truths:- I remember incidents of my own learning to read experience. The sequence of graded books progressed by colour and with difficulty according to increasing reading fluency. I recall moving onto a grade that meant books with blue covers that included a variety of stories, articles and poems. SRA cards that were set as early morning comprehension activity. My school reading did not equate with 'reading'. 'Reading' was pawing through the school library selection, longing for more choices. There ...
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Bookwagon Winter Reading Recommendations

Recently Mr Bookwagon sent a newsletter to our lovely readers, revealing recent winners of book awards. I shadowed awards in schools- the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway, UKLA, Red House and Smarties' awards (two of which no longer exist)- but did not realise how many exist or are created. A majority are settled toward the end of the year and into a new year. Added to this the number of reviews including  lists of favourite/ best books of the year, and this ...
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‘Outside of a book, a dog is a man’s best friend…..’*

It is six months today since we launched Bookwagon. Initially, it was my business alone. I desired to do something to counteract the decline in community library numbers, multinational assault on independent bookshops, and revisions to reading approaches and provision, resulting in fewer people who know about and love children's books. An unexpected change in circumstances meant I was joined by Mr Bookwagon. Despite a lack of experience  in children's literature and reading, his background in public service and administration, ...
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Read the book before you see the film

We have a number of titles that have enjoyed screen adaptations. Most often the film disappoints; the pictures seem so different from those in our reading heads. Shortly, we'll have an opportunity to see the big screen version of R.J. Palaccio's multi award winning,  Wonder. In a house in springtime New Zealand, this is the bedtime read for a 9 year old and 12 year old. Recently a lovely 9 year old, Raiya, read 'Wonder' and wrote:- “Wonder” is about a ...
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What’s On Your List?

When I was eight or so, we celebrated our Christmas Day at an aunt's house. I did not like this aunt or her husband very much, so was apprehensive. I would be the only child amongst a throng of older family, little interested in or accommodating to children. To my astonishment, and those gathered, my grandmother presented me with an heirloom brooch that Christmas, one that had been in my late grandfather's family since they had settled in New Zealand ...
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