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Bringing a good book to you

Bringing:- We bring quality children’s books to you through the Bookwagon shop, school book fairs and popup events, to meet your individual and specific needs.

We bring authors and illustrators into schools, including practical support and book sales for these special events. We bring books to homes and schools that children, families and teachers love. We know our books.

Good books:- We select every book featured on our site; we read every book we sell. We leave no stone unturned to offer unique, new, challenging, spine-tingling, classic, exciting books for every age and interest, from every genre, from around the world, to our readers. Our books are good books.

To You:- We are available to meet, email or chat, online, or through our book fairs at schools and special events.

What’s a good book?

One that absorbs you. The writing is in your hearing. You feel the story sinking into your bloodstream. A good book changes you, it knows you, and is committed to you. You breathe it and smell it. You may laugh or cry– or both. Bookwagon brings good books to you.

We are experienced, specialist, quality booksellers. Welcome to Bookwagon!

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Welcome to September: Squirrels, Birthdays and a Competition

This morning, while working, I was distracted by a squirrel tapping on pumpkins ripening on our garden bench. He left these, thankfully, before attacking my acer. What an autumn scene. I wonder if your garden is gathering leaves, squirrels, spiders' webs, and other signs of the changing season. It's all change in the world of children's books. Exciting new titles are hitting the bookshelves. We're reading ahead and choosing the best of what is out there. As ever, we do ...
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Reading Updates

Welcome to a whole new generation of readers!

I stood at Parsons Green station awaiting a train this week, watching fresh schoolchildren tumble down the steps onto the platforms, with scooters, nannies, blazers and energy, new haircuts and shoes already bearing the marks of their returns to school. I strained to see what the older children were reading; there were a lot of boys from a nearby secondary school. The younger children were carrying proud book bags home. It took me back to the not too distant past, ...
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It Takes Courage to Grow Up and Become Who You Really Are *

Recently, we wandered to look at the plaque alongside St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, that marks the place where William Wallace died. The inscription concludes:- ‘His example of heroism and devotion inspired those who came after him to win victory from defeat and his memory remains for all time a source of pride, honour and inspiration to his countrymen.’ Many of us know some of William Wallace’s heroism and history. We may have ideas of it through Mel Gibson’s interpretation, ‘Braveheart’, ...
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Bringing a funny book to you

What are you looking for in a good book? One that takes you places, although your feet may be on the ground? One that shivers your timbers? Twangs your heartstrings? The genre often most difficult to ‘get right’ is humour. Yet this genre is ideal for child readers, enticing reluctant readers, bonding at bedtime or during a holiday, or for ‘I’m bored and tired’ spells. Frequently I’ve read a blurb urging ‘this book will make you laugh out loud.’ Most ...
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Summertime and the reading is ready

The problem with selling books that you love is that when it comes to choosing from them, it's like deciding on your best friend. In this case, the 'best friends' I've selected from the Bookwagon bookshop are those that fit a long, hot summer holiday season, and have a staying power to engage and satisfy your reader. For the very young, babies to nursery, nearly school:- A Perfect Day by Lane Smith (just right for all........ until Bear arrives - ...
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Happy birthday Harry!

Twenty years ago I was new teacher to a lovely London school, full of truly loved, supported, happy pupils, eager to learn. It was a place in which teachers felt privileged to teach. One day, a pupil asked me, ‘Ms Hattaway, (as I was then), my Daddy is publishing a book that I think you will really like. I love it. Do you want to read it?’ It was ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.’ I loved it. The class ...
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