Our customers say:-

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful recommendations that she (and we) will enjoy.
You are so gifted with a talent when it comes to children’s books, that we are so grateful for your invaluable input that is unrivalled– Mrs M.,  Hertfordshire, (professional, mother)

It was really insightful to liaise with Bookwagon to get their recommendations for our two children. Our twelve year old’s interest in reading books has been completely reinvigorated after reading some of the suggested titles from Bookwagon. The professionalism and service provided is exemplary and it is so pleasant to deal with people who have a deep and genuine passion for booksMrs R.B and Mr C. B, Hertfordshire (professionals, parents)

 I worked with Bookwagon for National Poetry Day, 28 September 2017. Bronnie approached me having read, ‘Wonderland: Alice in Poetry Collection’ and ‘Reaching the Stars: Poems about Extraordinary Women and Girls.’ She asked me if I would do a day of workshops and talks. 

Bookwagon kept in touch, ordered my books and liaised with me. They gave me travel advice and collected me from the nearest railway station. They drove me to the school, introduced me to everyone and stayed to support in each of the sessions. They provided presence and support throughout the day, returned me to the station and dealt with all administration and payments very promptly. 

They had established great contact with the schools and had devised a very efficient method of ordering books. The children had each been given an illustrated list of books from which they could choose. There were hundreds of books for me to sign but because of this efficient organisation, it all went very smoothly. 

They really impressed me with their knowledge and enthusiasm for books. Michaela Morgan, (poet, author, Ambassador National Poetry Day)

Bronnie has long been an impressive font of knowledge on which books will appeal and challenge which ages. By creating Bookwagon with Bob their joint talents have demonstrated great expertise in the children’s book world. A plea from me to find ‘giraffe’ books for my two year old granddaughter who is entranced by them- Bookwagon delivered! Not one, but several suggestions which ‘ my small person’ has loved! Thank you Bookwagon! Mrs T P, Coastal Hampshire, (retired primary school teacher, Mum and Granny)

In a world inundated with books it has been difficult for me to find high quality, interesting and varied children’s books for my three children (9,7 and 5). Bookwagon has offered me a unique service by providing bespoke reading choices for my family. The owners have sought to understand my children’s reading habits and likes and dislikes and made numerous fantastic suggestions. Each book recommended and purchased has been enjoyed multiple times and has led to a whole array of discussions. The Bookwagon team have definitely furthered my family’s love of reading and both broadened (in terms of choice) and deepened (in terms of authors) what my children have read. I hope that other parents discover this hidden gemMrs G.L– Hertfordshire (parent and economics teacher)

In my dealings with Bookwagon I have been impressed by the overriding commitment to provide children with the high quality books they deserve. The personalised service is second to none and reflects an in-depth knowledge and joy of children’s literature and a genuine desire to match the right book to the right child. Mrs A F-C, Bedfordshire, (school librarian, parent and grandparent)

Thank you for getting our 7 year-old bookworm out of her reading rut and engaged in some wonderful books again. You gave a such a quick and passionate response to my request for help, and a wonderful range of suggestions I had never come across before. Some of the books matched her preferences exactly and she consumed them rapidly. Others stretched her a little whilst staying within the genre she enjoys. The last one really challenged her and we read it together, discussing the issues that it raised and the beautiful use of language. Thank you, we can’t wait to see what you find for us next! – Mrs E.T, SW London, parent

Bookwagon is a company with the personal touch. It offers a caring approach with two dedicated bookworms who have clearly read every book out there and can identify the needs of each individual child. Name what your child likes, their age and they know. They are a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate to use them again. They are truly unique and go above and beyond with their customer service. Thank you Bookwagon for such a wonderful experience. Mrs J.M, Hertfordshire, (primary school teacher, history leader, parent)

As a grandmother of two children with lots of books, it is wonderful to have Bookwagon to advise me on the titles of really good newly-published books that meet my grandchildren’s needs. I don’t have to worry that they have already got them, and know they will love them. Mrs M.R, Middlesex (training and development manager, parent and grandparent)

It was really refreshing to discover Bookwagon and their recommendations for books you don’t hear about every day. The fact that it is teachers recommending good reads based on children’s past favourite books gives me confidence that they will like the books I order and deepen their love of readingLiane Katz, London (Co-founder & CEO, mama.codes, parent)

Fed up with Amazon and Waterstones, I was desperate for inspiration for my 6 yr old and picture books. The recommendations from Bronnie were unusual and spot on – each one gives us lots to talk about in such a fun way. My 3 and 1 yr old also had recommendations for books I had not heard of and all love them! The service offered by Bookwagon is so special and one I will be using and recommending again and again.- Mrs M.B, London (purchasing manager, Big K Products UK Ltd, parent)

As a grandparent and auntie to younger children it is hard to find books that are exciting, diverse and offer something more. That’s where Bookwagon come in. With a brilliantly curated selection and great descriptions, finding the right books for little people is a pleasure!Ms D.M, Edinburgh (CEO, Our Power Energy Ltd, parent and grandparent)

We read with our children everyday and now love to read with our grandson. Having books that provide a positive and beautiful representation of different families and people is one of the great things at BookwagonMr A.T, Hertfordshire (Company director and chairman – The People’s Power and Karma Cola, parent and grandparent)

Bookwagon has been an amazing resource for finding great books for my kids (and their cousins). I have received excellent advice and enjoyed viewing the well curated selections. The books we have ordered have all been brilliant and the service and communication has been first rate. – Mr C.T, SW London (teacher and parent)