All Aboard the London Bus


What a joyous journey around London’s landmarks and historic places the reader takes with a visiting family to our capital city. Pen and ink illustrations by Blake – like illustrator Sam Usher within an attractive matte paper setting, showcase the journey and poetry ideally.

Patricia Toht employs a variety of poetry, from rhyming couplets to describe the London Eye, to gentle descriptive lyric verse in Westminster Abbey, a tumbling shape poem meandering the course of the River Thames, a numerical acrostic urging the reader to play a ‘Where’s Wally’ search amongst the landscape view of Trafalgar Square, onomatopoeia bounding within ‘The Tube’ poem, or a gallery of haiku pervading the reader’s picture poetry book experience of the British Museum.

Often there is a sense of disappointment when reading a book of poetry, a feeling that not all the poems ‘work.’ Reading this, I realise the poet’s effort to create and choose works that really describe each selected London experience in the very best way, using appropriate poetic forms and devices. The result is a book of poetry that is appealing, eminently readable, informative and fulfilling. This is a loving paean to our capital city, and a poetry book made to last- rather like London itself! I recommend it as a quality picture book to share at bedtime, or to keep, return to, recite and love again and again.


All Aboard the London Bus

Patricia Toht and Sam Usher

(Frances Lincoln) – hardback


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