Before & After


I found this title accidentally and bought two copies immediately. It is great fun; quite different from other board books for very young readers.

With bold, colourful images, within black outlines, Jean Jullien compares the consequences of a variety of ‘before’ and ‘after’ actions. There is no predictability, either to the choice of topic, or to the ‘after’, which is in itself amusing. However, the graphics created to show the consequence are so stark, that the emotion is evident and the reader cannot help but laugh, or empathise.

Further, Jean Jullien has extended the premise of ‘before and after’ so that in two incidents, we are shown an ‘even after’ and, toward the conclusion of this wonderful book, ‘a during’ that lasts for a finger tracing ride through four double pages. This is suggestive and very attractive to a young reader, yet alone an old bookseller!

This is a super title that I recommend highly to any growing infant bookshelf, sure to be greatly enjoyed by readers of all ages.


Before & After

Jean Jullien

(Phaidon)- hardback


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