A Boy and a Bear in a Boat


When a boy boards the Harriet, a small launch piloted by Bear, its captain, a seemingly simple short sea crossing soon turns into something altogether more challenging and strange.  As the trip begins to last much longer than it should, the Boy wonders if in fact the Bear is lost, and why are there no supplies on board, save a comic book in a very odd foreign language and a very unappetising looking Last Sandwich.

As the strange journey continues, the Boy and the Bear forge an unlikely friendship in adversity, as they encounter sea monsters, storms and even a ghost ship.

This is a odd little parable that sees Dave Shelton at the height of his powers as both storyteller and comic book artist.  The characters are both feisty and vulnerable and the relationship between the ill-matched shipmates is beautifully drawn.


A Boy and a Bear in a Boat

Dave Shelton

(Corgi Yearling)

What starts out as a simple sea crossing for a boy and a bear (the ship’s captain), turns into a strange adventure involving sea monsters, storms, comic books and the very real fear that they might have to eat The Last Sandwich.

Dave Shelton’s skills as comic book artist and storyteller come together in this strangely charming parable as an unlikely team battle the elements and the fantastic elements the sea has to throw at them.  Perfect for newer and more confident readers 6-12 years of age.


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