The Boy with the Lightning Feet


Timmy Twinkle’s grandfather was once a baker. He talked too, before Timmy’s grandmother died. With Timmy’s mother on a permanent holiday in Spain, Timmy is left with his baking, monosyllabic grandfather, his parrot, and a cruel group of classmates. When Timmy discovers a photograph album featuring a long-lost football playing great uncle, something is ‘kickstarted’; there’s a tingle in his feet,  and Grandad begins to talk.

Timmy’s feet are not the starring pieces of this thoughtful, encouraging book. There are warm words about courage, sharing, hope and what family and friendship really mean. The Magical Children series is recommended for all readers ‘finding their reading feet’, and this title, ‘The Boy with the Lightning Feet‘ is superb. We suggest it would be enjoyed by readers aged from 7 or 8 years of age.


The Boy with the Lightning Feet

Magical Children

Sally Gardner


Timmy Twinkle’s grandfather doesn’t really converse with him, but he can make cakes. Buried in the cakes, he is an easy target for the school bullies. When he finds an old photograph album beneath the cage of Sheriff the parrot, something is ignited in Timmy…. it all begins to change.

From a Costa Children’s Book winner.



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