The Children of Castle Rock


Laura has worked out that the castle where she’s to meet her father is on the isle of Nish. Jesse is busy plotting co-ordinates to ensure that he, Alice and Fergus will win the Great Orienteering Challenge. He has to be good at something, doesn’t he? Fergus wants an adventure, something to get his parents to notice him. The Major watches the three from his Headteacher’s window at Stormy Loch Academy and wonders about his decision to create this team.

The Children of Castle Rock‘ is a brilliant adventure story, the type I loved as a child and  sought ever since. With a nod to ‘Famous Five‘ and The Explorer  yet with the author’s voice loud, confident and individual, this is a fearless, wonderful story. Bookwagon recommends ‘The Children of Castle Rock‘, a tale of discovery, friendship, trust and independence, to capable readers aged from 9 or 10 years of age.


The Children of Castle Rock

Natasha Farrant

(Faber & Faber)

Alice doesn’t know what she longs for. All she knows is that it isn’t Stormy Loch Academy, reveille or leaving Cherry Grange. Yet here she is with Jesse and Fergus, chasing after her father, hoping against hope they will reach him on the castle on the isle of Nish. ‘The Children’ of Castle Rock‘ is a wonderful adventure story that harks back to children’s stories of the past, to fish paste sandwiches, daring, and dependence on the team. Bookwagon recommends this superb title to capable readers aged from 9 or 10 years of age.


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