The Cow Who Fell To Earth


One night a cow falls from the sky. It is not an ordinary cow, but a moon cow. Unfortunately, none of the animals understand this, ‘Woo woo!’ calls the cow they have called Dave. ‘Nope,’ said Bertha (a cow), ‘I don’t know what she’s on about.’ How can Dave get home if none of the animals can understand her? Then the chickens go where no man (or chicken) has gone before…

Funny, simple, bold and totally arresting, ‘The Cow Who Fell to Earth‘ is a  tongue-in-cheek story. It is original, and really satisfying. Bookwagon recommends this lovely picture book to readers aged from 2 years old.


The Cow Who Fell To Earth

Nadia Shireen

(Jonathan Cape)

‘Every night the sky twinkled with stars, and every night the sheep slept under them…… ‘ Find out what happens on one bizarre night when the sheep are disturbed by a cow, an alien cow. ‘The Cow Who Fell to Earth‘ is a bold, colourful and very funny picture book from Bookstart author, Nadia Shireen, ideal for readers aged from 2 years.


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