Dotty Detective The Lost Puppy


The summer holidays are drawing near. First there’s the school summer fair. Mr D’s class will supervise a Pets Corner. There’s a stick insect, an unnamed guinea pig, Amy’s huge dog, Geoffrey, ¬†McClusky (of course) and Joe’s new puppy, sausage dog, Chipolata. Chipolata is so long and short he can get stuck in a cardboard tube! There are a lot of those to search through, and a lot of clues to mull over for Dotty and Beans (The Join the Dots Detectives) when they join the hunt for the lost puppy!

This is such a positive, approachable and readable series. Clara Vulliamy’s additions of lists, quizzes, sketched illustrations and random collaged extracts add interest and appeal. We recommend ‘Dotty Detective The Lost Puppy‘ for all readers aged about 6 or 7 years.


Dotty Detective

The Lost Puppy

Clara Vulliamy

(Harper Collins)

Mr D’s classroom will host a Pets Corner at the school summer fair. McClusky is sure to be part of it, although Dotty isn’t certain about his special talent. Joe’s new puppy, Chipolata, will have a starring role, despite being so long and short! Then Chipolata goes missing.! ‘Dotty Detective The Lost Puppy‘ is the fourth title in this highly recommended series, ideal for readers aged about 6 or 7 years of age.


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