The Farm Beneath the Water


When Hannah and Lottie are offered vital roles in their school house’s play, they are overjoyed; their enthusiasm and abilities have been recognised. However, rehearsals in Hannah’s ‘Secret Hen House Theatre’ are disrupted by the arrival of a troupe of strangers. Before long, Hannah’s family and friends are engaged in a mission to deter the water company from flooding Clayhill Farm to make way for an enormous water reservoir. How might their action and the play coincide? What could the two have to do with each other?

‘The Farm Beneath the Water‘ had me so hooked that I read the story in one sitting. Helen Peters’ characters and situation are believable, relatable and urgent. While I do not wish any further ‘drama’ for Hannah and her family, I long for a return visit to Clayhill Farm. This is a superb title, that runs beautifully after its predecessor, yet stands alone as a convincing and satisfying book. We recommend ‘The Farm Beneath the Water‘ highly, to readers aged from 10 years.


The Farm Beneath the Water

Helen Peters

(Nosy Crow)

Aqua Water Company have earmarked Clayhill Farm as an ideal site for a giant water reservoir. Objections are overruled and enquiries dismissed; it seems as though Hannah’s father’s farm, and its history, are to be wiped out. As the pressure for her family mounts, Hannah has her school production to consider. The sequel to ‘The Secret Hen House Theatre‘ is as compelling and resonant as its predecessor. We recommend ‘The Farm Beneath the Water‘ to readers aged from 10 years.


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