How to Heal a Broken Wing


High up in the cityscape, a pigeon hits a glass skyscraper and cascades into the crowds below, invisible. When Will discovers the broken bird, he determines to take it home. With his parents’ support, he nurses it to health, employing, time, patience and attention. This is an allegory for life, from paying attention, to taking time and care. The text is sparse, the pictures spotlit, yet line drawn, evocative and vast. It is a perfect book from which to discuss values, citizenship, society and our personal responsibilities to each other.

Bob Graham is incomparable, a truly special picture book maker for readers of all ages.


How to Heal a Broken Wing

Bob Graham

(Walker Books)

Nobody heard the thud of the pigeon hitting the glass of a skyscraper. Nobody saw the bird’s fall- except Will. Time, patience and care work together in Will’s efforts to ‘heal a broken wing’. This is a mature, considered, provocative and beautiful picture book, recommended for families and schools.


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