The Hueys in The New Jumper


‘The thing about the Hueys…. was that they were all the same’. The Hueys, as created by the incomparable Oliver Jeffers, could be seen as a sociological view of humanity. Do we all want to be the same? Do we have any right to be different? Do we have a need to be different? Rupert sets the scene when he has a new jumper. Then everyone wants to set the scene, but the same scene in the same way.

‘Then Rupert decided he like the idea of wearing a hat. And that changed everything….’

The white open space, the quick repeated oval shapes of the Hueys- there is something entrancing and a little frightening in Oliver Jeffers’ creation. He told an interviewer that they were created as a response to an art school lecturer who didn’t recall any of his students’ names but called them all, ‘Hueys’.

I love them. I love the backstory, the message in this title, how children are fascinated by what they see and infer from this trailblazing story. Oliver Jeffers is truly unique. ‘The New Jumper‘ is a title for every reader.


The Hueys in The New Jumper

Oliver Jeffers

(Harper Collins)

What happens when Rupert wants to be different? None of the Hueys is different- they’re meant to be the same, aren’t they? ‘The New Jumper’ is an allegory for our times. Is it a good idea to stand out, or is it better to stand out as part of a crowd? Can you stand out by being the same? We recommend this outstanding book to readers of all ages.


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