I Didn’t Do My Homework Because….


How many excuses for incomplete homework might there be? Many, it seems. How original could these excuses become? Outrageously so, if ‘I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…’ is to be believed. Is it to be believed? From lost armadillos to Viking attack, Robin Hood’s sudden need for pencils, to giant lizard invasion, there doesn’t seem to be an idea, an excuse, left unturned! How could homework possibly be expected to have been completed with this cavalcade of excuses!

Wonderful, funny, hugely inventive and bizarre, ‘I Didn’t Do My Homework Because...’ is a superb book. Readers from 6 to 7 will enjoy it, quote from it probably, and reread it often.


I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…

David Cali and Benjamin Chaud

(Chronicle Books)- hardback


Excuses, excuses, teachers have heard them all, haven’t they? I wonder if they’ve heard any excuses such as these! Imaginative, wild, zany and down right peculiar, reinforced by strenuously vivid images! We recommend ‘I Didn’t Do My Homework Because…’ to readers aged from 6 or 7 to adult!


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