I Don’t Believe it Archie


Readers meet Archie; rather like this inconspicuous title, Archie appears an ‘ordinary’ boy. He goes to school, lives in a neighbourhood that seems a little like mine, and has a long suffering mother (rather like mine!) who cannot believe how frequently her young son returns from simple chores or outings in a state of chaos. Neither can the reader, but the difference is, we know the reason! Cyd, Archie’s sidekick, whom we meet in the second chapter, is also witness to Archie’s adventures, and learns to ‘believe’ them, as confounding, coincidental and confused as they might seem.

This is an ideal book for newly independent readers, those rather more reluctant to read, and those who are ready to become ‘hooked on reading.’


I Don’t Believe it Archie

Andrew Norriss

(Random House)


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