I ❤️ Bedtime


Martha is so excited because her best babysitter, Grace-next-door, is coming to look after her and her playful brothers Monty and Pip, not to mention her puppy Paws.  Readers will have great fun looking around Martha’s Room and helping her to pick her favourite pyjamas for the occasion.  But how will she get her brothers to sleep? Perhaps the Bedtime Bunnies Song will help?


I ❤ Bedtime

Clara Vulliamy

(Harper Collins)

Martha and her bunny brothers Monty and Pip return in Clara Vulliamy’s delightful series. This time children will delight in helping Martha get ready for bedtime, while they get to peek around her room and there’s a Bedtime Bunnie Song to sing!  Meanwhile, her pet puppy Paws keeps up the fun with his mischievous playfulness.  But just how does Martha get Monty and Pip to actually get to sleep?

More deliciously positive and delightful stuff from Martha and her brothers and from the genius that is Clara Vulliamy. Perfect for newer readers, aged 5-8.



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