The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life


Roman likes to lead a quiet, normal kind of life, just as long as he eats his favourite food: doughnuts – every day preferably, but certainly as often as he can get them.  However, when he puts one in his pocket to eat later on a school trip to an aquarium, chaos ensues. A series of crazy, and very funny, events unfold. These involve guinea-pigs, poisonous jelly fish, an unwanted girlfriend and too much contact with the school psycho Darren.

This is a very funny and pacy adventure featuring hilarious characters and snappy dialogue. ‘The Jam Doughnut that Ruined My Life‘ is a perfect read for newer readers, aged 6-9, especially those with a taste for doughnuts!


The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life

Mark Lowery and Hannah Shaw (illus.)

(Piccadilly Press) 

Chaos ensues at a school visit to an aquarium when Roman decides to conceal a jam doughnut in his pocket, to eat later. What happens next leads to a series of unfortunate and bizarre events. Roman acquires an unwanted girlfriend, an unwanted friend- school psycho Darren and becomes entangled with guinea-pigs, jelly fish and more doughnuts.

The Jam Doughnut that Ruined My Life‘ is a very funny rollickingly good tale. It is perfect for newer readers, aged 6-9.


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