A Laura Marlin Mystery Kidnap in the Caribbean


Laura can’t believe that an incidental £1.00 raffle ticket has won her and her uncle, former top detective Calvin Redfern,  a luxury cruise to the Caribbean! However, the experience is nothing like  she imagined. Right from the moment of boarding, the pair face danger and confusion. Laura has to use her wits, the words of detective hero Matt Walker, the support of her best friend Tariq, and, reluctantly, the new found confidence of cruise mate, Jimmy Gannet.

Could it be a new project for Uncle Calvin’s former foes, the Straight A’s, or even revenge on this former detective, and Laura and Tariq, his bright proteges? All is revealed in this pacy, environmentally themed, satisfying read.

We recommend ‘Kidnap in the Caribbean‘ to readers who enjoy really full, direct and meaningful detective mysteries.


A Laura Marlin Mystery

Kidnap in the Caribbean

Lauren St John


To win a luxury cruise to Antigua seems just too good to be true to Laura Marlin. Reader alert- it is! From boarding, the cruise experience, to an unexpected and terrifying arrival, Laura and her crew mates are in for a travelogue of surprises and danger! This second title in the Laura Marlin series is as quick-witted, inclusive and environmentally sound as its award-winning predecessor. We recommend ‘Kidnap in the Caribbean‘ to readers aged from 10 or so, keen to participate in a pacy, contemporary detective series.


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