A Laura Marlin Mystery Kentucky Thriller


The discovery of an overturned, abandoned horse box on the road to Sennen Cove, initiates a string of discoveries and opportunities for Laura Marlin and her best friend Tariq, upon which they’d never dreamed. It also offers the possibility of another encounter with the deadly, Joker card carrying, Mr A, of the Straight A gang.

This is a fast-paced, environmentally charged, informative, gutsy book, with the same urgency as its two predecessors. Bookwagon loves this series, and recommends the books highly to its readers, aged from 9 or 10 years old.


A Laura Marlin Mystery

Kentucky Thriller

Lauren St John


On an outing to Sennen Cove, Laura, Tariq and her Uncle, Calvin Redfern, chance upon an overturned horse box. Little do they realise their discovery will lead them to the rich pickings of the Kentucky Derby and another, horse-tainted mystery for them to unravel….. This is the third book of a a super series, fast-paced, respectful and informative, with clues and considerations aplenty. We recommend ‘Kentucky Thriller‘ to readers aged from 10 years.


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