A Laura Marlin Mystery The Secret of Supernatural Creek


Laura and Tariq’s class has been gifted an outback adventure, a camping trip in the Northern Territory of Australia. Rumour is rife of alien sightings, while the class is focused on ‘salties’- salt water crocodiles and other deadly creatures resident in these parts. Laura is trying to put the Straight A gang well behind her, but she detects a whiff of Edward Lucas’s cologne, then sights the same man in three different disguises. Something isn’t adding up! Uncle Calvin Redfern is strangely out of connection, and then there’s word of Edward Lucas’s escape from his high security prison. Laura is surrounded by danger.

This is pacy, fascinating, intelligent writing. We love the Laura Marlin series, and this fifth book, ‘The Secret of Supernatural Creek‘ is a splendid, convincing work. We recommend the series, including this book, to committed readers, aged from 9 or 10 years of age.


A Laura Marlin Mystery

The Secret of Supernatural Creek

Laure St John


Master criminal Edward Lucas, leader of the notorious Straight A gang is safely locked away. Laura and Tariq can enjoy the benevolence of a school camping trip in Australia’s Northern Territory. There is nothing more to concern them than ‘salties’ and a strange UFO sighting. However, nothing is ever that straightforward with this detective duo, who have more deadly creatures than they could ever contemplate, close at hand….

The fifth Laura Marlin mystery is quick-witted, adventurous and captivating. We love this series and recommend ‘The Secret of Supernatural Creek‘ after its predecessors, to readers aged from 9 or 10 years old.


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