Mr Wolf and the Enormous Turnip


Spicy turnip stew for supper? Mr Wolf is delighted to discover an enormous turnip growing in his vegetable patch. The only problem is how to remove it that he can get onto cooking! Maybe a frog, waiting to be restored to his royal best through the kiss of a princess could help. Mr Wolf is willing to try!

This twist on traditional stories, with traditional characters reimagined, is very funny and truly original. Again, we enjoy Jan Fearnley’s asides in her detailed illustrations, that captivate and lead us back to rediscover. We love ‘Mr Wolf and the Enormous Turnip’ and recommend it to all readers aged from 3- 8 years old.


Mr Wolf and the Enormous Turnip

Jan Fearnley


Mr Wolf can’t believe his luck when he discovers an enormous turnip in his vegetable patch. Spicy turnip stew is on the menu! There’s just one problem…. he cannot remove the turnip. It calls for some help. Along the way, he’s distracted by the plight of a poor enchanted frog, promising to help Mr Wolf, but in need of a transformation….


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