Not Just a Book


This is ‘Not Just a Book‘. ‘It can swat away a fly/ Or hide your face if you are shy’. Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross suggest a myriad of uses for a book, culminating in the loud-hailed statement, ‘A book is more than words and ink’.

We see the book on the table, at the seaside, outside, in the bedroom. This book travels wherever the reader goes! It is a constant companion. As she concludes, ‘The very best thing a book can do/ Is to be read and loved by you…’

A testimony to the power of words, the magic of reading, the importance of books in our lives, ‘Not Just a Book‘ is an amusing, broad stroked, song. Bookwagon recommends ‘Not Just a Book‘ to every household and every classroom. A must!


Not Just a Book

Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross

(Andersen Press)– hardback

‘This is not just a book’… it can swat flies, be worn as a hat. A book can catch fairies. It can make you clever. Discover the wondrous possibilities of ‘not just a book’ in this superb, standalone title. Bookwagon recommends ‘Not Just a Book‘ to readers aged from 3 or 4 years of age.


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