Polly and the Puffin The Happy Christmas


Just like the newly independent readers for whom this super series is ideal, so the title character, Polly, demonstrates an independent streak, and the sort of reactions with which they might identify. This time, Polly is awaiting Christmas, for ‘gold, frankincense and Bird’. She wants a raccoon hut for Christmas. Neil, her puffin, meanwhile, wants fish. He wants his egg to hatch into a puffling too; he and Celeste take turns guarding their nest.

Polly’s vivacity is dampened by a disastrous visit to see Santa, and a topsy turvy nativity. Can it be rescued by Christmas Day itself? Will the puffling EVER hatch?

This is an enchanting series that Bookwagon recommends hugely to newly independent readers, looking for a great title, with an appealing character in an interesting situation.


Polly and the Puffin The Happy Christmas

Jenny Colgan, illustrated by Thomas Docherty

(Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)- hardback

It’s Christmas time and Polly is not sure that all this waiting around is entirely a good thing. Meanwhile, Neil and Celeste have waiting of their own to do- upon a new puffling. We love this series; quality story telling for new readers, beginning to build an independent reading habit, keen to connect with an engaging character in an enchanting setting. Ideal for readers aged from 5 or 6 years.


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