Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers


Three Cheers for the Engineer! We return to Andrea Beaty’s Rosie Revere, whose story is reprised in the introduction of this book, with the challenge of taking on some of Ms Revere’s projects. We are given a toolbox list, guidance toward the type of engineering challenges we will be facing, confidence boosters, vocabulary and then our very own projects. From catapult to cars, designs are suggested. However, what is so vital to this book, is the ample time to doodle, design, fail, analyse, brainstorm and recreate. Readers learn how their designs are developed into working machines in our world.

Just like the prototype book, Rosie Revere’s project book is intelligent, motivating  and very good value. There is no sense that this a throw away activity book, but an opportunity for any reader to build on her/ his learning and creativity. This is an essential book for the holiday or to share with friends.


Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers

40+ Things to Invent, Draw, and Make

by Andrea Beaty, illustrations by David Roberts


A super standalone project book offering projects, ideas, motivation and background stories into designing.


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