The Secret of Black Rock


Erin is fascinated by the legend of Black Rock, a mysterious spiky mass out at sea.  Local sailors say it destroys boats that come near and that it brings bad luck, but Erin wants to find out for herself.  She sets out in her Mother’s boat to discover the truth, and what she finds is amazing…

Joe Todd-Stanton is a young illustrator who is building a formidable reputation and this wonderful picture book can only enhance his renown.  It works on so many levels, is subtle and fascinating and, of course, is stuffed full of wonderful artwork.  Newer readers aged 5-9 will love to learn the mystery of the Black Rock and join Erin on her journey of discovery.


The Secret of Black Rock

Joe Todd-Stanton

(Flying Eye Books) – hardback

Local sailors and fishermen are scared of the legend of Black Rock, but little Erin is fascinated by it. Are the tales of boats being destroyed by the rock really true? Does it really bring bad luck?  Erin sets out in hemother’s dinghy to investigate, and she is astonished at what she finds…

This is a winning picture book on many levels; the narrative is engaging, as is the tremendous art work.  But it is above all subtle and multi-dimensional. A treat for newer readers with a love of adventure and mystery.


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