The Princess and the Crocodile


Princess Cora leads a repetitious, overly monitored life of discipline. From three daily baths’And scrub-a-dub-dub till I say stop!’ there are lessons with her mother, the Queen. Princess Cora sits ‘in the tower room and read books about how to rule the kingdom.’ Then it’s to the basement gym to run around in circles and skip to five hundred, the King consults his gold watch.

Princess Cora is exhausted and overwhelmed. There is no wayher parents will let her have a dog- ‘inappropriate’- or let her explore and wonder. Could her Fairy Godmother help? Would she send a dog? She wouldn’t send a Crocodile, would she? Not a Crocodile who likes to bite but can be bribed with cream puffs?

This is a clever, entrancing tale by two capable, imaginative, award-winning,storywriters. We are delighted to stock ‘The Princess and the Crocodile‘. We look forward to sharing it with lucky readers.


The Princess and the Crocodile

Laura Amy Schlitz, illustrated by Brian Floca

(Walker Books)- hardback

Princess Cora’s parents, the King and Queen, do not revel in their baby’s daughter wonder for very long for they are preoccupied by her need to be prepared for her future role. She lives an overly regimented life of baths, academic reading and army training exercise! Can their be no escape? What might happen if she writes to her Fairy Godmother?

The Princess and the Crocodile‘ is by Newbery medal winning writer Laura Amy Schlitz, and Caldecott medal winner, illustrator Brian Floca.


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