Things A Bright Girl Can Do


Sally Nicholls’ latest title has a deserved buzz about it. In ‘Things A Bright Girl Can Do‘ we follow the fortunes of three girls from very different backgrounds, each involved in and affected by the suffragist movement and  world war. Evelyn, May and Nell have different aspirations, concerns and outlooks. Each seeks opportunity in a world that is seemingly determined by male adults, class, birthright and tradition. Their possibilities seem constrained at every point, their voices silenced.

The setting is fascinating; there is much to be learned and understood through Sally Nicholls’ deft story telling, sympathy for the era and the way she entangles us in the lives of our three ‘bright’ girls. I took longer to read this book that any other we recommend because of the depth of the subject, my emotional involvement and the different angles that are offered.  We recommend ‘Things A Bright Girl Can Do‘ to readers aged from 12 or 13 years of age. (This title contains mature themes.)


Things A Bright Girl Can Do

Sally Nicholls

(Andersen Press)

In ‘Things a Bright Girl Can Do‘ we share the progress of three girls caught up in the heat of the suffragist movement as war approaches. Sally NIcolls fleshes out her lead characters so we know them and realise their doubts, fears and aspirations. This is a strong and meaningful story, recommended especially to older readers aged from 12 or 13 years.


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