Look what Olivier Tallec’s done!

Who Done It? by Olivier Tallec (Chronicle Books)

The clear, bright, accessible illustrations on a white, double spread landscape background make ‘Who Done It’ by Olivier Tallec curious, initially. It feels right to sit to have an infant sit on a lap, lift up and explore the different characters, comparing pose and expression, accessories and captured moment, to gauge who is guilty of the question, or,  ‘who done it?’

I have returned to the book on a number of occasions since my initial reading just to make sure of my choices. I could imagine discussing these, suggesting other possibilities as to ‘Who is pulling a prank?’ or ‘Who is in disguise?’

I love the questions, posed at the top left of each double spread also. They do not patronise the young reader. They demand engagement and a sophisticated emergent literacy. The evidence created in the pictures offers an early and discerning opportunity to infer meaning- a reading device for which picture books are ideal. The questions also offer early reading skill development in that new, or emergent readers, may repeat, memorise and recognise the words of enquiry.

Who Done It’’ would be a book that is returned to constantly, a clear favourite for bedtime reading or the car, for looking over and sharing with many laughs, and enjoying and knowing independently. I think it is a superb baby and bonding choice. Bronnie 


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