Bookwagon offers expertly curated book fairs and pop-ups for every occasion or event.
Contact us to discuss what we can provide for your school or event.

Bookwagon sells books we’ve read and love only. Every book we sell online, by order, through subscription, or at our popup book fairs, is known to us. We make informed recommendations.

We curate our selection for your event based upon what you tell us and what we know. We seek ‘forever’ titles, i.e., books that children, parents and schools will really enjoy, want to read again and keep. Many of our books are from lesser known publishers, translated, or published abroad.

Bob and I sell directly at an event. We hold enhanced DBS certificates. Frequently we are asked to ‘show and tell’, so that we talk about the selection with classes and/or parents. Most often schools want our popup book fairs to run after school so that parents have the opportunity to browse and buy.

We discount the books we sell without adversely affecting the writer and/or picture book maker. We sell books, only books, at our popup book fairs.

Schools ask us for return visits, which makes us happy.

We offer a magnificent variety of titles from a broad range of genres, publishers, and origins. We consider reading preferences and ages in our selection. Bookwagon is an independent children’s bookseller, focused entirely on supporting families and schools’ efforts to build readers for life.

There is no fee for a Bookwagon popup book fair and no target sales figure. You receive a 20% commission based on our sales, for you to spend as you wish in the Bookwagon online shop. All we ask is that you spend your commission within the academic year of our visit.  

All we require from you on the day is one venue for the duration of our visit, tables, a chair and a reliable wi-fi signal for our payment card machine.

Please be aware, that the distance, route and travel time must be factored into any schedule for a popup book fair at your school. 

Contact us at to arrange a Bookwagon popup book fair at your school or event