Joy at the reveal of revised website, Bookwagon, our online independent children's bookshop

Bookwagon, our online independent children’s bookshop, is a year old. So here it is, right here, right now, with a drum roll and a huge bow, our brand new, proud website. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to its development, from suggesting designers, to making observations, to providing photographs.

In the weeks of  website development, we have read books and selected many we hope you, our readers and supporters, will love. Bookwagon sells books we have read and loved. It’s not a review process; what we write about the books are ‘descriptors’. Books included in our online independent children’s bookshop are those from our reading own experience rather than a publishing production.

Our bookshop

The Shop Around Every Corner, our online independent children's bookshop When we imagined our bookshop, we saw something rather like ‘The Shop Around the Corner‘, Meg Ryan’s bookshop in ‘You’ve Got Mail’. However, 21st century independent bookshops are prohibitively expensive to establish and run. Few succeed, and those that do are often highly indebted, compromised, or not as independent as customers might realise. We applaud independent bookshop owners who work hard to maintain something unique to our High Street.

Bookwagon aims to follow suit as an online independent children’s bookshop, but with a wider geographical perspective and content opportunity. All independent children’s bookshops are committed to sharing their knowledge and understanding of children’s books. Bookwagon is determined to celebrate this outstanding art/ literary form, support the wonderful creators of children’s books fairly, and bring our readers ‘best fit’, glorious children’s books.

Our readers

Jake and Ben reading books from Bookwagon, our online independent children's bookshopPhotographs on the introductory homepage slider of our website include relatives, godchildren and friends. Every one is a reader. Each child is at a different stage, with varying habits and preferences. We’re the same. It’s the experience of reading that offers us the opportunity to establish those choices.

Bookwagon remains reluctant to confine books exclusive by age group. We realise this is an established marker, but  many reading opportunities are lost. This week, I enjoyed a crafty French picture book, The Society of Distinguished Lemmings. I thought of friends who would love this book, one an experienced archaeologist. Yet, the picture book format suggests to some browsers a genre exclusively for very young children. I’m encouraged that Bookwagon readers use our tags, scroll through the categories, to arrive at unique and eye and heart tickling titles.

Our online independent children’s bookshop

Bookwagon visitors are invited to access our services directly on the site. You can keep up to date with the latest titles through the changing book covers, before exploring further. You can tap the tag cloud to locate books to match your readers’ preferences. These lead to links to other titles that might appeal also.

The Kate Scott CollectionBookwagon has introduced, offers within the drop down categories’ menu. We are delighted to include many of our favourites here in our introductory offers, including The Kate Scott collection, The Emily Hughes’ collection, The Jason Wallace collection and The ‘Defender of the Realm’ trilogy. These are all at great prices. What could be better? Wonderful books by superb writers at tempting prices?

Take a look

Visitors can see what we’ve been up to in our photo gallery of images within the Book Fairs and Writers’ Visits’ pages.

While the site has been redeveloping, we’ve taken writers including Sibéal Pounder, Jason Wallace and Robin Stevens into schools. We enjoyed a wonderful literary experience with Emily Hughes and Christopher Edge. Bookwagon spoke about the relevance of reading to the STEM subjects in education.

Bookwagon has held a number of book fairs within the past month, selecting our titles to match the theme and venue, whether charity, school, or local park during half term holiday!

Our schools’ links are growing strongly, as our knowledge and experience are sought to support the building of a rich, enabling reading experience for children.

From one dream to another

While never achieving Meg Ryan’s hairstyle, or fictional bookshop, I have achieved one long held dream while we’ve been ‘offline’. We are invited to an evening with acclaimed picture book makers, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen during the rebuilding of our online independent children’s bookshop. The pair visited London to publicise Square the sculptured follow-up to the tricky Triangle. Rather like the completion of the renovation of our online independent children’s bookshop, the anticipation.

 With a rather big P.S.

Bookwagon readers who choose ‘The Guardian’ on Saturday, will discover Bookwagon listed as an independent bookshop in this newspaper’s recommended children’s books’ supplement. Next week  Independent Book Week 2018 will be celebrated. In this section is a selection of recent children’s book releases.

While we are able to supply any title included in this supplement, not all are included on our site. Please contact us should you have a particular title in mind. We are keen to maintain our online independent children’s bookshop ethos of hosting books that we have read and loved only.

Get in touch

Bookwagon invites you to call or email.. We love your feedback, comments and enquiries. You’ll notice our new telephone number on the Contacts’ page. What do you think of our brand new website for starters? Have you read any of the titles we include on our online independent children’s bookshop pages?


You’ll notice that we’re unique as described in ‘The Guardian‘ children’s books’ supplement, and known to our readers and supporters. Bookwagon is the only online independent children’s bookshop. It’s a proud place to be. 





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