Bookwagon works for you. With summer holidays closing in and families and schools looking for reading recommendations we’re keen to share great titles. Don’t forget we’re available to chat with or email should you want help specific to your needs. We are able to construct quality, informed reading lists. Bookwagon knows children’s books through and through!

One of Bookwagon’s aims has been to find  the best books for Independent readers, traditionally aged between 6- 10, that  may not be familiar. These readers want to be gripped by a series, by characters. There are a few very well known books by very well known authors that aim to do this, but there are not many that are different, new or of quality. We’ve been on the hunt!

We are proud to introduce to British readers, Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop’s award winning ‘Snake and Lizard‘ and ‘Helper and Helper‘. Our leads are two unlikely, unloveable characters who learn to rub along as friends and neighbours (although Lizard does all the work on the partition wall), expanding their relationship to become business partners when they open a counselling service (beetles or eggs in payment for services). Warm, funny, and yet true to the animal nature of each of these characters, ‘Snake and Lizard’ and ‘Helper and Helper’ are unlike any other books I’ve read, and totally deserve their New Zealand acclaim, and a wider global readership. 

Independent readers will appreciate an opportunity to understand the characters’ friendship, differences, environment and behaviour. This is intelligent writing that demonstrates respect for this age group, when getting gripped by reading really happens.