Bookwagon Limited offers an expertly curated pop-up book store for your school or special event. 
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Bookwagon Limited sells books we’ve read and love only. Every book we sell, whether through our online bookstore, by order, via subscription, or at our pop-up book stores, is known to us. We make informed recommendations.

We curate our selection for your event based upon what you tell us and what we know. We seek books that children, parents and schools will really enjoy, want to read again and keep. Many of our books are by lesser known writers, smaller publishers, translated, or published abroad.

We discount the books we sell at our pop-ups.  This does not adversely affect writers or illustrators.  We sell books, only books, at our pop-up book fairs.

We offer a magnificent variety of titles from a broad range of genres, publishers and origins.  We consider reading preferences and ages in our selections. Bookwagon is an independent children’s bookseller, focused entirely on supporting families and schools’ efforts to build readers for life.

We sell directly at an event. We hold enhanced DBS certificates. At our pop-up bookstores we ‘show and tell’, with assembly-style presentations of our selections with classes and/or parents. While pupils are prepared so that they arrive at school with money to buy directly during our visit, most often purchases are made after school by adults. We accept card and cash payments.

What’s more, we provide a bespoke booklist of titles for adults unable to attend during our visit.  For a short period, families and staff are invited to purchase books at discount that the school has enjoyed hearing about and want to read.

There is no fee for a Bookwagon pop-up bookstore and no target sales figure. You receive a 20% commission, based on our sales, for you to spend as you wish from www.bookwagon.co.uk. Schools are required to spend their commission within the same academic year as our visit.  On occasion, Bookwagon does reserve the right to withhold a commission when our travel and book purchase costs exceed monies earned from our visit.

In order to prepare for a Bookwagon pop-up book store, we ask:

* that the poster we create for your pop-up is displayed and distributed enthusiastically.  Your community should be looking forward to our visit;

* for only one central venue at ground level for our exclusive use for the duration of our visit, well ventilated and accessible, ideally a hall, known to parents;

* for clear directions to and from your setting, including access and up-to-date roadwork information;

* for a reserved car park space accessible to your reception;

* for a good, reliable wi-fi signal that permits card payment transactions;

* for tables and chairs reserved for our venue:

* that the distance, route and travel time are factored into our visit.

Finally, Bookwagon Limited is a small, busy, bookstore.  With rare exceptions, we are not able to commit to visits on consecutive days.  While we are able to present into an evening, this can only follow a pop-up bookstore held in the afternoon.

Contact us at info@bookwagon.co.uk to arrange a Bookwagon popup book store at your school or for your event.