1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur


‘Tom tapped a rhythm on a tree’ then called to the dinosaurs, ‘come and copy me!‘ They’re chomping, swaying, swishing, stomping, crashing and ‘1, 2, 3, and Do the Dinosaur’. It’s  ‘One, two, three and… everybody ROAR!

Tom lifts his feet and crashes them loudly on the ground, arches his shiny back, shakes his shiny scales and sways his hips! The dinosaurs show Tom their moves. Then it’s, ‘One, two, three and … everybody ROAR!

Who might be awakened by this shaking and stomping? Surely not T-Rex! Despite a very quiet performance, T-Rex spies the dinosaur troupe and asks, ‘What’s all this dancing for?‘ Surely he can’t want to ‘1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur’? This is the dance with the brightly coloured, warm actions that draws everybody in! Bookwagon considers this an ideal selection for reading sharing at home and nursery. Go on- ‘Do the Dinosaur!’ 


1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur

Michelle Robinson and Rosalind Beardshaw


1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur’one, two, three and… everybody ROAR! There’s Tom in the middle of the jungle with a jiggle and a wriggle and a rumble making such a hubbub Furthermore it seems like he’s tapping out a rhythm and urging all the other dinosaurs to ‘Come and copy me‘! He arches his shiny back, shakes his shiny scales and sways his hips! Watch the dinosaurs copy! The swish, swish, swish! Then it’s ‘1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur! One, two, three and…. everybody ROAR!
Will your young readers stomp, roar, swish, count and sway? Picture book maker Michelle Robinson has a knack for enticing her readers into full participation! Just check out her Ten Fat Sausages.
Tom extends the movement and the noise at each verse. Thereafter ‘there is quite a din’. Will he quieten down? Could there be another bigger, fiercer dinosaur wanting to join the fun? Could it want to ‘chop, swish, stomp?’  It seems like this dinosaur din might never stop!


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