15 things NOT to do with a baby


‘Congratulations! You now have a baby in your family…’ Here come the simple rules! Wildly different, truly creative, and guaranteed to make you laugh and think, ‘15 things not to do with a baby‘ offers a gamut of rules for an easy transition. Don’t ‘peg the baby on a washing line’ or ‘send him up in a hot air balloon’! I can imagine families reciting these rules, rereading and inventing their own rules too!

Margaret McAllister’s broad and imaginative text is enhanced by Holly Sterling’s plucky, enthusiastic illustrations. ‘15 things not to do with a baby‘ is a most accessible story and sure to be one that is thoroughly enjoyed by readers aged from about 2 years of age.


15 things NOT to do with a baby

Margaret McAllister, illustrated by Holly Sterling

(Frances Lincoln)

Simple rules that must be remembered now you’ve a baby in the family include:- not playing the trumpet when he’s trying to sleep, not planting the baby in the garden and forgetting where you left him! I’d say these, and the other rules are essential to all families! What a fun, and important title, with accessible, joyful, child-like pictures and many laughs. We recommend ‘15 things not to do with a baby‘ to readers aged from 2 years or so.



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