24 Hours in the Jungle


In ‘24 Hours in the Jungle’, we join brother and sister Ellie and Danny in the Borneo rainforest.  Here, they help their mother and other scientists with their work in the jungle.  They encounter orangutans, a very stinky flower and a rare clouded leopard. Find out what makes the jungle and the wildlife that lives there so special, and learn about the work being done to protect it.

The ‘graphic novel’ format works particularly well in relating the information about the rain forest flora and fauna.

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24 Hours in the Jungle

Lan Cook, illustrated by Stacey Thomas


24 Hours in the Jungle is an intriguing mix of non-fiction in a graphic novel format.  We join twins Ellie and Danny as they spend a day and night in the Borneo rainforest jungle.  Here they help their parents, who are scientists working at a research station.
Their day involves learning how planting trees can help endangered animals and furthermore, how the rainforest works as an ecosystem.  The children are astonished to find out for example how dung beetles are so integral to ensuring that the ecosystem functions properly.  They join other children spending the day in the jungle too.  Moreover, their adventures are sometimes amusing, sometimes gross (a very stinky mushroom and leeches are involved!).  They also have a close encounter with a clouded leopard, one of the rarest – and most endangered – animals on earth.  Most of all however, this is a great book for understanding the rainforest and what we can do to preserve it for future generations and for the health of nature.
Bookwagon is very pleased to stock several books about the rainforest, including Rainforest Warrior and Let’s Save the Amazon.  
Learn more about the Borneo rainforest here.




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