24 Hours in the Stone Age


Set in Europe over 18,000 years ago, this fascinating book explores a day in the life of a typical Stone-Age child and her family. Auri lives with her extended family in a cave. The cave provides shelter, protection from dangerous animals and is close to the river, where they gather fresh water and food.

Sequnces illustrated in the books include how Auri and her dad make and set a fish trap, while Grandpa demonstrates how to fashion a sharp spear from sticks and flint. Written in a graphic novel style and brightly illustrated, Auri explains how to track animals by looking for footprints, nibbled plants and droppings.  We also learn how the family make fire using a few simple handmade tools.

This fictional account of a Stone-Age family enables young readers to imagine what life may have been like for a child of their age. The comic strip illustrations are colourful, humorous and informative.  The book also features a contents page, glossary and index.  This is an ideal resource on a subject that is rarely covered in children’s books.

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24 Hours in the Stone Age

Lan Cook, illustrated by Laurent Kling

(Usborne)- hardback

24 Hours in the Stone Age is an excellent resource on this time period. It is written in an very engaging way and is both entertaining and informative.
We follow the life of young Auri and her family living in a cave and surviving in the wilds. The book takes you through their daily lives in fascinating detail.  Every aspect of daily life is covered, from the roles of the family members to diet, arts, crafts and hunting. In a similar way to its sister title in the series, 24 Hours in the Jungle, it is written in a graphic novel format, which is highly accessible.
The author and illustrator strike a careful balance between the storyline  and historical accuracy. The book is particularly useful in drawing similarities and comparisons between the Stone Age and our own. This is a subject that is rarely covered in children’s books and this fact alone makes this a tremendous source of information, aiding a greater understanding about what we know of early human life.  The Stone Age is hugely important in human development and this book makes clear that innovations from this period have been both influential on later civilisations.
For further information about this period, try the history.com web site.


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