44 Tiny Acrobats


Betsy agrees to hurry home from the vet after one of the 44 Tiny Acrobats has been treated. It’s only a paw injury on an African pygmy mouse, but it’s one of an entrancing company, that captivates the vet.

Yet on her way back, Betsy finds her way to Fry and Sons’ circus, paying £5.00 to enter and take in the sights and sounds that captivated her grandmother. Unfortunately, the mice’s carrying case is disturbed meaning forty-three of Betsy’s tiny acrobats find their way into the performance. Thereafter the ruckus leads her to have to strike a deal with tricky ringmaster, Chester Fry. Unfortunately, Betsy learns, as her grandmother did before her, that Chester Fry is not the most trustworthy person in a deal… What can Betsy do to extricate herself, and, her 44 Tiny Acrobats, away from the circus?

We are delighted to return to the Bow-Linnet family, their cream buns and Christmas Decorating Day, their warmth and hidden skills. Ashley King’s glorious illustrations are a perfect match for Sylvia Bishop’s engaging stories. Roll up, roll up, for it’s 44 Tiny Acrobats! 

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44 Tiny Acrobats

Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Ashley King

(Little Tiger Press)

Betsy’s family seek to distract Grandad when Fry and Sons’ circus parks up on the common. It’s the circus to which Grandma escaped. Yet an accident befalls one of Betsy’s 44 Tiny Acrobats, the entrancing African pygmy mice we met in 44 Tiny Secrets.It seems the mice are intent on performing across the Christmas Decorations! Thereafter Betsy must take all forty-four mice to the vet, though her passage home is distracted by the circus.
When a kerfuffle means the mice cause a riot in the evening’s performance, Betsy is left with a dilemma. It seems that ringmaster Chester Fry is holding her and the mice to account. Furthermore, as events unfold, Betsy learns the real story of her grandmother, and more about her beloved family, and the circus.
It is a joy to revisit Betsy Bow- Linnet and the 44 Tiny Acrobats. Not only is the story entrancing, full of twists, turns and trapezes, but the mice are a remarkable distraction for the vet and us! Bookwagon loves the titles of Sylvia Bishop, and this series is perfect for readers newer to chapter books. They may be seeking an endearing series beautifully illustrated- they’ve come to the right page!


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