44 Tiny Secrets


According to Gloria Sprightly’s letter, it will take just 44 Tiny Secrets for Betsy Bow- Linnet to become an exceptional pianist like her mother and father. After playing at an evening reception, despite being note perfect from constant practice, Betsy falls below par. She’s made aware of how she does not meet her parents’ expectations. Even worse are the comments from the assembled room and thereafter the piece in the London Natter.

While Grandad’s kind words and cream cakes are meant to help out, Betsy continues to hear her mother’s words- ‘terrible disappointment.’ Therefore, this strange invitation to perfect Betsy’s skills seem too good to be true. Or are they? What are the 44 Tiny Secrets? Thereafter, what does Betsy need to do to employ them? Should she keep them secret from everyone?

What an ingenious, appealing and delightful story! Bookwagon considers we’ve discovered another champion series similar to our beloved Violet and the Pearl of the Orient. This is ideal for newer chapter book readers keen for a really engaging and inventive series. Welcome aboard Betsy and company! We cannot wait to make your further acquaintance!

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44 Tiny Secrets

Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Ashley King

(Little Tiger Press)

Who is Gloria Sprightly and why would she gift Betsy Bow- Linnet 44 Tiny Secrets? Might it have something to do with Betsy being ‘a terrible disappointment‘ to her pianist parents, Bella and Bertie? Her mother seems to hope that Betsy might be a ‘late bloomer‘ yet despite Betsy’s practice, it seems she’s still only an average pianist. Thereafter Vera Brick’s damning commentary and her delight in a newspaper post about Betsy’s lack of talent, rub salt into the wound.
However a letter and a promise from Gloria Sprightly seem to offer an answer. While her message is mysterious Gloria promises that Betsy’s ‘next performance will be completely, totally, stupendously stunning.‘ What is Betsy signing up to? Thereafter, will the promise work? Betsy is desperate to live up to the Bow- Linnet name as an exceptional pianist! From her banister perch or hiding behind ferns, her eavesdropping relays just how average her recitals are considered!
44 Tiny Secrets is the opening title in an eagerly anticipated series by Sylvia Bishop. We love her books lincluding Erica’s Elephant and The Bookshop Girl This book is warm, inviting, intriguing and promising. Ashley King’s fern- twisty illustrations add to its appeal!


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