928 Miles From Home


928 Miles From Home’ is the distance that Sergei has travelled to a new home in Nottingham. It doesn’t provide the sanctuary he needs. Calum’s friends with their assertions and attacks make sure he knows his place.

Calum has other things on his mind, like making sure there’s enough food during his father’s absences, and his father’s new relationship with a foreign woman. There’s the narrow boat along the canal too, and the writing competition. Nobody like Calum would ever win a writing competition. Calum knows his place.

928 Miles From Home‘ is an authentic snapshot of 21st century urban Britain. We walk in Calum’s shoes and feel Sergei’s hopes and separation. This is a brave, convincing and truthful book that we recommend highly to mature readers.

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928 Miles From Home

Kim Slater

(Pan Macmillan)

928 Miles From Home‘ is the distance Sergei feels constantly in Nottingham. Distant from his grandfather, familiarity and safety. He’s an immigrant; Calum is supposed to despise immigrants. Calum’s father’s absence and surprise new relationship with a foreign woman are Calum’s major concerns, so he plays along.
The reality of 21st century Britain/ Europe saturates ‘928 Miles from Home‘. This is a poignant, empathic and convincing novel recommended to confident readers.


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