A Bad Day for Bear


It’s A Bad Day for Bear. Although he awakened happily, with thoughts of the forest party ahead with his friends, and the firewood he needed to gather for the campfire, everything seems to have conspired against him! Not only has he a splinter in his paw from a piece of wood, but then he’s a big bump. He didn’t hear Beaver call ‘Timber!; and a log fell on his head!

Then when he was hauling the firewood, that Beaver gave him, home, it began to rain heavily. Can Frog help? Or might there be another incident to bear? Bear is at his wit’s end!

Then again, can Frog help? Is it possible that kindness and wise guidance might help Bear look at his day in an entirely new way? Then again, what about his friends and the party ahead?

The pictures are big, expressive, animated and beautifully sequenced and formed. Then again, the story is warm, applicable and seemingly able to draw our sympathy and comment too! Duncan Beedie’s A Bad Day for Bear is a triumph, a picture book Bookwagon recommends for sharing at bedtime, in class and library reading time, and then for reading alone too, familiarly and fondly.

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A Bad Day for Bear

Duncan Beedie

(Templar Books)

Bear’s not happy. In fact, it seems this is A Bad Day for Bear. Although he’s started the day in a ‘good mood‘ with thoughts of the forest party to which all his friends are coming, things have taken a turn for the worse, rather quickly. He was happy about being in charge of the campfire until he ‘got a splinter in his paw‘ from the perfect looking stick he found. ‘It hurt a lot’.
When the ladybirds advise him to find some better wood, Bear’s thoughts turn to the forest. Unfortunately, he doesn’t hear Beaver’s warning cry of ‘Timber’! It means that Bear’s landed a ‘big bump on [his] head’. Will Beaver’s offer of some wood cheer him up? Or might it be that the rain dampens his mood further? Thereafter, can Frog help him? After all, Frog always makes things better. Or might this lead to another calamity?
Unlike titles such as Mr Browns’ BAD Day for example, A Bad Day for Bear from Bookwagon favourite author/ illustrator, Duncan Beedie, considers how we can change our outlook when it’s appropriate. Thereafter, how might Frog regard Bear’s string of incidents? Then again, how can he really help his friend? Bookwagon loves the positivism and ‘get up and go‘. What’s more, the brilliant, sequences, the changes of image size, the drama and incident are handled so winningly. Bookwagon loves and recommends this picture book highly. It’s ideal for reading together, talking about, knowing well and reading alone, too.


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