A Bed of Stars


‘Energy- same as the beetles and crows and coyotes. We’re all friends and family in this universe’. Dad reminds the boy as they lie beneath A Bed of Stars, contemplating the infinite wonder of night skies.

They’ve travelled out of the city in ‘Darlin’‘, their old pick-up truck. They’ve climbed into the ‘sweet and smoky’ smelling mountains, identified flowers and plants and stopped at the junkyard. While the boy climbed the tyre mountain, Dad had sought parts for ‘Darlin’‘. Thereafter, they’d arrived in the desert, seen beetle tracks, jumped in the sand dunes and made a campfire. This is a journey that builds memories.

Bookwagon loves the sensitive tones, the broad spaces and then the pen and ink images within Jessica Love’s glorious picture book. A Bed of Stars is a story to read, hold in your heart, know well and cherish.

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A Bed of Stars

Jessica Love

(Walker Books)

‘…. imagine the whole universe stretching on endlessly, for ever.’

What if you and your Dad were going camping under A Bed of Stars? You’d have to pack the big stuff into your ‘old truck named Darlin’, first, before squeezing in the small stuff. Then you’d make your way out of the city, maybe driving to a soundtrack of Dolly Parton songs.
Jessica Love, creator of the award winning Julian Is A Mermaid offers us a beautiful picture book of love, adventure and memory making. Thereafter, we’re climbing ‘up into the mountains‘ where the ‘smell changes to sweet and smoky‘ where we’re offered a page of botany, that identifies and names ‘mountain flowers‘. Furthermore, we visit the junkyard in the hope of parts for ‘Darlin‘ and then arrive. We’re settling into a place ‘covered in tiny tracks,‘ evidently ‘the footprints of all the beetles who come out in the morning to drink the dew’ There’s sand dune jumping and a campfire to build and a sunset to watch. Finally, there’s the chance to lie beneath the energy of the night sky.
Not only is A Bed of Stars a glorious picture book that reminds us of our infintesimal places in the galaxy, but then shares the love of family. Jessica Loves’ text is sparse and meaningful, while her ink and pencil images are warm and descriptive. Altogether, we arrive at a picture book that needs to be shared, cherished, gifted and known well. Bookwagon adores this picture book.


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