A Boy Called Bat


Bat (Bixby Alexander Tam) wants to be a vet like his Mum when he grows up. He will only eat vanilla yogurt and understand people’s meanings by looking hard into their eyes. Bat has a lot to learn about people. Animals are easier, especially helpless ones like the skunk kit Mum has brought home to care for. Bat is working on Mum to keep it.

A Boy Called Bat‘ is about a boy who doesn’t see things the way we do, but does feel them. He doesn’t understand Ezra’s humour, but he knows stroking the class rabbit makes him feel better. Bat is relevant, accessible and sympathetic. We appreciate his respectful awe of his older sister. We understand her complete frustration with the way life seems to have to adapt to Bat.

Bookwagon recommends this endearing and truly readable chapter book to readers aged from 8 or 9 to much older.

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A Boy Called Bat

Elana K. Arnold, with pictures by Charles Santoso

(Harper Collins)

A Boy Called Bat’ introduces us to an unconventional hero, with a loving accepting family, keen routine and support network. This is a respectful, honest account of working to see the world through other people’s eyes, when most often the world doesn’t understand you. ‘A Boy Called Bat‘ is a relevant, appealing chapter book.


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