A Brave Bear


On the hottest day of the year two bears, father and cub, travel through bushy, rocky, grassy terrain to cool down. Baby bear thinks the only place is the big river, and he’s prepared to show his bravery to his father throughout the journey, including making the biggest jump over the rocks….

This tender story warms the reader’s heart, tickles the memory, strokes the nostalgia and begs to be read and shared and loved. ‘A Brave Bear’ is the perfect book for bedtime sharing between mums, and dads and young (brave bear) children.


A Brave Bear

Sean Taylor, illustrated by Emily Hughes

(Walker Books)

‘I think ‘A Brave Bear‘ is probably the bravest thing in the world.’ Join brave fears, father and cub, on their grassy, bushy, rocky journey to cool down on the hottest day of the year. ‘A Brave Bear‘ is a delicious book to share and savour, ideal for the very young and their bears.


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