A Bug’s World


A Bug’s World is an exceptional, indispensable guide to the extraordinary world of insects.  We learn about the different types of insects, such as bees, beetles, butterflies and spiders , their life cycles and their amazing powers and abilities.

The book also focuses on the importance of insects in the human world.  They are vital in helping to keep our world clean and are integral to the ecosystem and the production of food crops.  They also are key in other less well-known ways – for instance, flies are increasingly important as evidence in forensic investigations.  There is also lots of tips and advice on how to encourage insects into your garden and what readers can do to help insects in the environment.

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A Bug’s World

Dr Erica McAlister, illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman

(Wren & Rook) – hardback

A Bug’s World is the ultimate guide to the amazing world of insects.
This brilliant large format, beautiful, book provides everything young readers will need to know about insects and our environment.  The questioning approach extends to observing bugs in real life. The book begins with a general introduction to bugs, spotting and identifying them. There is also a strong activity element to the book, with suggestions on how to build homes for insects and tips on spotting them throughout the book’s pages.
We also learn about how insects interact with the human world.  For example, there are detailed sections on flies can help us solve crimes, the role of moths in fashion and of course, bees make honey!  They also are invaluable in helping to keep the planet clean and play a vital role in our ecosystems.  We also learn why many insect species are struggling from the overuse of pesticides.
Insect fans will love to check out The Encyclopedia of Insects and The Big Book of Bugs, both also available in the Bookwagon store.
The web site of author Dr Erica McAllister is well worth a visit.




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