A Case for Buffy


‘A Case for Buffy’ is an investigation closest to our mouse police detective’s heart. A random enquiry from Detective Gordon has Buffy retracing her steps to Cave Island, where she last saw her mother. What has become of her? Did the fox that broke into Buffy’s happy mouse home devour her mother and all fifteen of her brothers and sisters?

Buffy is so traumatised that she finds it hard to remember. Yet, with encouragement and huffing-puffing support from Detective Gordon and two trainee police, Buffy is determined to solve the case.

‘A Case for Buffy’ is gentle, perfectly formed, fascinating and rich with pathos and cake. The ‘Detective Gordon‘ series is a Bookwagon favourite. The latest title is a delight to read, announce and share.


A Case for Buffy

Ulf Nilsson, illustrated by Gitte Spee

(Gecko Press)

‘A Case for Buffy’ is not the problem Hedgehog brings to the police station. Buffy is dealing with his issue, when Detective Gordon decides it is time to train some new forest police. It leads him to reflect on Buffy’s arrival, and wonder what ever became of her mother….


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