A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky


A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky‘ works to answer every possible question that might be raised by an amateur stargazer. When is the best time to look? What are we looking for? What are we likely to be seeing? Why do the views change?

We are drawn through history, to seasonal changes, the moon, eclipses and planets. I love the way Brendan Kearney, illustrator, incorporates photographs with his pictures. The layout is really accessible and user friendly, e.g., as in how to distinguish which lights in the sky are planets. What do the patches in the sky mean? I had never thought to ask the question, yet after reading the answer, stepped out to consider and compare!

I love the layout, from the opening ‘you want to find more about what you can find out there’ introduction, to the clear inclusion and sequence of chapters, glossary and index.

A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky‘ has little to do with cats (don’t tell Felicity). However, it has a lot to offer keen amateur astronomers, would-be space explorers, school learners and families.



A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky

Stuart Atkinson, illustrations by Brendan Kearney

(Laurence King Publishing) 

What do you need to go stargazing? When is the best time to stargaze? What are you looking for? ‘A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky‘ offers the necessary advice and information. From how to attain the best view, to how to identify what you see, this wonderful book is accessible, thorough and fascinating!


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