A Chase in Time


A Chase in Time’ through a barn arson to a wild countryside motoring ride, after the thief of a precious relic? It’s not what Alex and Ruby anticipated on an annual visit to Aunt Joanna’s!

Alex and Ruby love their great-aunt’s home, where they’ve holidayed for years. It’s been in their family for years too, as has its curious collection of furniture and household items. One is a huge mirror into which a different boy is reflected to Alex. With his great-aunt’s home up for sale, everything looks to change. Alex and Ruby are not happy at the situation. Visiting for a final time, Alex explores the mirror again, only to initiate ‘A Chase in Time’.  

‘A Chase in Time‘ is a rip-roaring, robust time-travelling adventure. Alex and Ruby have stamina and wit, as do the long-lost Edwardian family members they encounter. I love this book, and recommend it highly as an engaging reading selection.

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A Chase in Time

Sally Nicholls, illustrated by Rachael Dean

(Nosy Crow)

‘A Chase in Time’ aboard a 1912 car? It seems as though there is so much to discover and experience in Sally Nicholls’ superb time-travelling story. To begin with, Alex and Ruby are saddened to learn their great-aunt’s home is up for sale. It’s full of curious pieces, like the mirror through which Alex is certain he can see moving images… So what happens when he investigates? Maybe there’s a way of stepping through? Thereafter, what might he find? Like Fleur Hitchcock’s series, beginning with Clifftoppers The Arrowhead Moor Adventure, A Chase in Time kickstarts a superb reading adventure. However, this is an historical / mystery series, with plenty of strange goings on and the twists of time travel!


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