A Christmas for Bear


A Christmas for Bear‘ includes pickles and cheese and the sharing of a very long and difficult poem. He won’t be put off his quest. Yet Mouse insists there should be Christmas presents. Perhaps Bear has hidden them under the bed? Or up the chimney?

Can Mouse encourage proceedings that ‘A Christmas for Bear‘ includes presents? Or is Mouse fated to a long evening of poetry and pickles?

With gentle, nostalgic toned pictures and a perfectly pitched text ripe with inference and humour, ‘A Christmas for Bear’ is a glorious Christmas read aloud choice. This is a book to share, remember and cherish.


A Christmas for Bear

Bonny Becker, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton


Merry Christmas,’ Mouse greets Bear. Mouse wonders about presents at Bear’s Christmas party. Yet, for Bear, Christmas is for sharing a poem and eating pickles. Are Christmas presents unnecessary hogwash? How can Mouse encourage Bear to share presents and pick up a party mood? Are pickles and poems the spirit of Christmas? ‘A Christmas for Bear‘ is a subtle, funny, meaningful delight.


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