A Day That’s Ours


Should we steal a day? Maybe build A Day that’s Ours? We could ‘walk the pavement, slow again,/ And find small treasures round each bend’. We would laugh and ‘seize these moments./ Slowly now./ And be together. Love out loud.’ 

We know that time’s flying and moving so that the ‘magic years‘ will fly past so that ‘life won’t be the same again’. Therefore, we need to steal these moments together and preserve them, as precious jewels, rare discoveries.

Therefore, to ‘spot the seasons change‘ and take time to ‘wonder as the world goes by‘ is essential.

Blake Nuto’s poetic text is evocative and magical, while the sun scorched, wind blown pictures of Vyara Boyadjieva are nostalgic, almost old photograph sepia toned. Bookwagon loves A Day That’s Ours and recommends this book as a family title to share, linger over, respond to and love.

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A Day That’s Ours

Blake Nuto and Vyara Boyadjieva

(Flying Eye)

Imagine A Day That’s Ours. It might be a stolen space where ‘the floods of life‘ are packed away, to be one that’s full of ‘nothing much‘. Thereafter, you might ‘walk the pavement, slow again,/ And find small treasures round each bend’. What’s more, these treasures, alongside everything else in this stolen time, is ‘something for us both to share’.
Vyara Boyadjieva has infused the poetic text of Blake Nuto with golden, sepia tones.so there’s an air of hope, wishfulness, nostalgia. Then again, there is also an understanding of a new school year, and an autumn of leaves and the lull before winter. Therefore, we’re urged to ‘seize these moments./ Slowly now/ And be together. Love out loud.’ It means that despite the dog walkers, the passing vehicles, the joggers and park bench watchers, these two are close and invulnerable. What’s more, there’s a feeling that the closeness these two share will change over the years.
Bookwagon loves the determined message of A Day That’s Ours, alongside its poetry and beautiful pictures. Like this author’s Child of Galaxies, we feel his respect for the planet and for childhood too. Bookwagon recommends this title as a family gift, a book to share and love, recite and know well.


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