A Day with Dogs


What if it was a dog’s life? What would ‘A Day with Dogs’ look like? Dorothée de Monfreid imagines how a world in which dogs live like humans might be shaped.

We begin with a variety of dogs; they look at us and wonder at our observation. We are taken into their homes and bathrooms, observe their clothes and visit the town. There are other animals in this town, but we’re following the dogs alone.

What is a school day like for dogs? What do they do in art class? How do they count or learn the alphabet? What about their families? What jobs do dogs have? Dogs play sport and they may need the doctor. Some may live in the countryside or visit the seaside.

‘A Day with Dogs’ is reminiscent of classic Richard Scarry books, a compendium of settings, roles and activities. Yet this has the bonus of curiosity, a French origin, a sense of the bizarre and ridiculous.

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A Day with Dogs

Dorothée de Monfreid

(Gecko Press)– hardback

What is ‘A Day with Dogs’? Where do dogs live? Do they have homes like ours, go to school, where clothes? Dorothée de Monfreid reimagines canine-civilisation wherein dogs inhabit a human world. With a Richard Scarry like approach, the picture book maker imposes dogs through our every day.
We open the book to a double-page spread of ‘Dogs‘. There’s a raft of breeds from Brittany, to Chow Chow, to Siberian Husky. Each dog is sketched, in character, with attitude and a response. The English Cocker Spaniel asked, ‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ Thereafter, we enter an open-scale model of a dogs’ home. There’s a drafting table, a kitchen with friends, window with shutter , bedroom with bunks. What about the bathroom? Or the town?
We see how dogs learn to count at school, from three books, to five bowling pins to eight candles…What do dogs do in art class? What sort of jobs do dogs take up?
‘A Day with Dogs’ is surreal, yet expansive. There is so much detail, information, fascination and imagination. This is a superb compendium, likely to entrance a reader for ages, time and again!


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