A Dinosaur a Day


A Dinosaur a Day allows readers to dip in each day to discover a new dinosaur.  Brilliantly informative text and vibrant, full-colour illustrations make for an excellent immersive encounter.   Of course, all the very familiar dinosaurs are included, such as the Stegosaurus and the Tyrannosaur, but there are hundreds of less familiar and recently discovered prehistoric creatures too, such as the gentle giant Titanosaurus and Oryctodromeus.

This is the essential dinosaur guide for the dinosaur enthusiast and budding palaeontologist.

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A Dinosaur a Day

365 Dinosaurs to take you through the year

Miranda Smith, illustrated by Jenny Wren, Juan Calle, Xuan Le, Max Rambaldi and Olga Baumert

(Red Shed Books)

A Dinosaur a Day allows readers to encounter a different dinosaur, or other prehistoric animal, every day for a whole year. After a general introductory spread, we are introduced to both very well known and unfamiliar dinosaurs.  Of course, the fearsome Tyrannosaurus, as well as the giant plant-eating Triceratops and Diplodocus. Many dinosaurs have only been recently discovered and these are lesser known.  For example, Aquilops, one of the beaked dinosaurs. This was a herbivore about the size of a cat with a skull smaller than the hand of a human.
As well as dividing the contents by months, the author also uses dinosaur groups. Examples include: ‘some of the smallest’, ‘duck-billed dinosaurs’, ‘horn-faced dinosaurs’ and ‘largest of them all’. All of these here were herbivorous. The book is full of revealing information, such as the Antarctosaurus never chewed its food, rather it swallowed plants whole.
Key facts for each dinosaur are included, such as the period when it lived and the family it belonged to.  Also included is information about diet, length, weight and where fossilised remains have been found.  Perhaps most helpful is the detailed index, glossary of terms and a pronunciation guide at the end of the book.
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